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2020-10-13 12:10:00

Safest on the slopes

As the lead up to the ski season commences, many people are beginning to question if it is safe to go on their ski trip this winter. 

Local ski resorts are assuring and communicating the rules and regulations they propose to implement for the season ahead. Ski lifts, ski schools, equipment hire, bars, restaurants, accommodation, and transport are all areas that will be highly regulated to ensure travelers' safety when visiting. A greater description of what Les Gets is implementing is on our previous blog; Les Gets COVID-19 rules and regulations, and what measures the Hotel Christiania is implementing is on our website too; Hotel Christiania, COVID-19 information

In regards to the safety of the snowsport scene in general, it is quite reassuring that critical COVID measures are already in play, leading people to believe that skiing may actually be the safest holiday during the pandemic.

Skiiers/snowboarders already must wear a form of personal protective equipment (PPE) when on the slopes. Gloves, goggles, buff's, or neck coverings help protect skiers/snowboarders' skin and face during the cold temperatures on the mountain. Additionally, this protection will help the spread of COVID-19 on the slopes, chairs, and bubbles. The only advice for skiers is to wash their face covering and gloves more regularly than they would originally. For some, this may be a task when staying in accommodation where access to a washing machine isn't available, therefore suggestions may be made to bring a spare set of gloves and face-covering when visiting the Alps. Goggles are advised to be cleaned more regularly with clean clothes and sterile anti-fog stray, which is readily available from any snowsports shop. 

Social distancing is already advised when sharing the slopes with other skiers/snowboarders if you wish to avoid crashing. Therefore it comes to quite common knowledge that being spacially aware is already in place but advised that skiers remain socially distance once they leave the slopes for their aperitif in the après bar. 

All anyone wishes to do is assure your safety this winter. We hope this puts your worries to ease, so you can come and enjoy the ski holiday you deserve. 



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